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Reminder: Battlefield 4 is set in modern day

Developer confirmed last year that BF4 would be set in modern day, just like BF3.

Battlefield 4 settingBattlefield 2 was set in modern day. So was Battlefield 3. And according to a statement DICE released back in August 2012, so will Battlefield 4. While many had hoped for a sci-fi Battlefield game ala 2142, it appears we’ll have to wait until the next game in the series — whenever that may be.

Battlefield 2142 was a very popular entry in the series, and has its own die hard fan base who still play it to date. Sales wise, first person shooters and action games set in modern day tend to do a lot better than game set in the past or in the future.

The last game in the series stuck with the modern day setting, and has sold some 20 million copies worldwide. Business wise, it’s a no brainer that BF4 will feature the same setting.

Battlefield 4 will be revealed later this year, and will have a closed and open beta this Fall. However, the launch date is uncertain. Some sources have put 2013, while others have mentioned “fiscal 2013”, which ends on March 31, 2014. We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully we’ll get a lot more details at E3 in June.


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