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Battlefield 4 trailer leaks

The very first Battlefield 4 trailer hits the web in form of a 30 second teaser.

Earlier today we were one of the first to leak the first Battlefield 4 screenshots, and now we’ve got the very first trailer of the game. It’s very hip and resembles more of action movie than a video game, with lots of fancy editing and a rockin’ soundtrack by Rihanna. The Battlefield 4 trailer, or rather, teaser trailer, is just 30 seconds long. However, it promises a full “17 minute gameplay” video tomorrow on March 27.

As far as we know, both the teaser trailer you see below and the much long Battlefield 4 gameplay video tomorrow are comprised of singleplayer gameplay. Something similar happened when BF3 was unveiled — the first many videos focused exclusively on the singleplayer campaign.

Nevertheless, the visuals in the trailer — thanks to the new Battlefield 4 engine — look impressive. Check out the new Battlefield 4 trailer below:

Battlefield 4 trailer

Note: as this is leaked ahead of time, EA has been yanking videos from YouTube. But gamers have been re-uploading them, so we’ll keep this page updated with the correct video. Thanks to all who sent this in!

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