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EA sends out invites for Battlefield 4 unveiling

EA has send out invitations to gaming press for an event on March 26, where they might just reveal BF4.

According to IGN, EA has sent out invites for Battlefield 4 unveiling at the end of March. While the invitation doesn’t specifically mention Battlefield 4, the art design for the invite is strikingly similar to the Battlefield 3 box art and color palette.

The date is March 26, at 7 PM. Which is during the Game Developer’s Conference held in San Francisco. EA has previously used GDC to unveil BF3 DLC and Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Check out the rumored Battlefield 4 invitation below. Hopefully we’ll get the game confirmed on March 26, with a teaser trailer or two. As we get closer to the unveiling, we’ll likely get a few leaks of the game here and there.

Battlefield 4 invite


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