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DICE is “done with BF3” and moving on to Battlefield 4?

DICE video director says they are done with work on BF3 and are moving on to "exciting new things".

DICE recently shipped End Game, which was the final BF3 DLC. According to DICE video director Roland Smedberg, who does all the fancy trailers and teasers, the developer is finished with BF3. He said via Twitter:

“It’s over. We’re done with BF3. Both happy and sad at the same time, but the future holds exciting things”

Battlefield 4Smedberg is likely only talking from a video and trailer perspective. DICE wouldn’t abandon Battlefield 3 completely, and have repeatedly said that both BF3 and Battlefield 4 will be supported simultaneously. While we probably won’t see any new BF3 content, DICE will certainly keep the game up to date with patches and updates for a long time.

As for Battlefield 4, the unveiling will supposedly happen on March 26 at GDC, according to an invitation EA recently sent out to members of the gaming press. We don’t know much about the game yet, but we do know that Battlefield 4 will feature a modern setting, and that it will be built using the Frostbite 2 engine.

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