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High-res Battlefield 4 cover art revealed

Battlefield 4 high resolution cover art has been released, revealing a new setting, new soldier, and more.

Yesterday we got a sneak peak at the Battlefield 4 cover art, and now we’ve got a much larger version, thanks to the guys over at Battlefieldo. The cover art resembles BF3 quite a lot, and has many of the same elements. DICE confirmed earlier today that Battlefield 4 will indeed be unveiled on March 26 at GDC. The high-res cover art / teaser image will likely be the box art of the game as well. This is perhaps the Battlefield 4 teaser we expected to get this week from DICE, we’ll see if it gets posted on Battlelog.

The cover art reveals some interesting things. For one, according to some sources, the city seen in the background is Shanghai, which could indicate a Chinese faction in the game. The soldier looks very “Battlefield-ish”, the vehicle on the left side appears to be the same LAV-25 APC found on the original BF3 teaser. We’ll have to wait another 10 days before we get some more info. So far things are looking pretty swell for Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 teaser

Click the image for higher resolution view.
Battlefield 4 cover art

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    March 16th, 2013 at 12:16 am

    More news. The main thing – the speed of publication. Then your site will visit many people.

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