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Official Battlefield 4 site launches

DICE has launched the official Battlefield 4 website, which promises to unveil more artwork soon.

DICE has launched the official Battlefield 4 site, which so far only shows a teaser. The site, part of the Battlefield portal — — promises to reveal more art and details about the game as people visit the site and login. We presume the login is for Battlelog. It also promises the first gameplay footage on March 27, which was confirmed by the Battlefield 4 teaser video a few days ago.

The teaser site so far shows water dripping down glass, behind is part of the Battlefield 4 artwork we got last week. Hopefully enough will login and visit the site so we can get some additional details ahead of the March 27 unveil. Yesterday we got a huge list of (unconfirmed) Battlefield 4 leaked details, which suggested a game similar to BF4.

Battlefield 4 site

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  2. RMAU
    June 4th, 2016 at 1:22 am

    DICE has posted a Battlefield 4 update saying that the developer is looking into fixing numerous bugs across all platforms, including the game crashing on PC.

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