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Battlefield 4 could get friend limit removed from Battlelog

DICE is already working on improving areas of Battlelog which will benefit BF4

We previously reported that Battlefield 4 might be getting new Battlelog features when it launches later this year. Now DICE has revealed that they are already working on improving key Battlelog features.

Battlefield 4 BattlelogAmong the Battlelog improvements they’re working on is removing the dreaded 100 friend limit. According to a recent Twitter FAQ, the Battlelog friend limit is tied to Origin, which also has a 100-friend limit. DICE is working with the Origin team to remove this artificially imposed limit.

Other areas where Battlelog is seeing improvement include better privacy features, and better friend recommendation. Battlefield 4 will use Battlelog on the PC instead of a regular game menu, just like BF3. Console players can also join Battlelog to add friends, monitor their stats, and more.

Battlefield 4 Premium members will likely get additional Battlelog features, such as free game guides, new dog tags and content, server queue priority, and more.

According to rumors, DICE is working to add more social features and even more detailed game statistics to Battlelog for Battlefield 4. We’re expecting more Battlelog details at E3 in June.

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