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Battlefield 4 trailer remade in Minecraft

The BF4 teaser trailer completely remade in Minecraft by a dozen gamers over three days.

Minecraft can be used for all sorts of things. Including re-creating the Battlefield 4 trailer. The remake was done by the guys over at KDProductions, and took a dozen Minecrafters 3 days to complete. And it looks pretty slick. Battlecraft 4, anyone? Check it out below.

Minecraft has been used to create several trailers and parodies of BF3, so we’re certain that this isn’t the last time we’re gonna see a Minecraft and Battlefield 4 mashup. For comparison, you can find the original Battlefield 4 trailer.

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  1. roflsunriz
    April 6th, 2013 at 2:29 am

    good similarities

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