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Another Battlefield 4 screenshot released

DICE has released a brand new high res screenshot from the singleplayer campaign.

DICE has released a new Battlefield 4 screenshot, coming from the gameplay trailer we’ve seen so many times. Like the previous Battlefield 4 screenshots, the latest one looks very touched up and not exactly “in-game material”. But it does show the atmosphere and the remarkable character details found in the game.

Hopefully soon we’ll have some multiplayer screenshots as well. According to the latest rumor, the first Battlefield 4 multiplayer trailer should be released before E3 kicks off. In the meantime, enjoy the new eye candy below:

New Battlefield 4 screenshot

New Battlefield 4 screenshot
Full version in 1080p HD here.

We expect to see a ton of gameplay footage and screenshots at E3, so stay tuned, it’s only a month or so away!

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  1. Angelsx
    May 3rd, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    After 17min. gameplay this screenshot from same gameplay is pointless.We wanna see multiplayerrrr.

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