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Battlefield 4 alpha trial begins

The BF4 alpha trial has begun, and players have gotten invites on Origin to join.

The Battlefield 4 alpha trial kicks off today. DICE will use the alpha to test out the netcode and general multiplayer stress testing.

The Battlefield 4 alpha features one level, “Siege of Shanghai”, but the level isn’t like we saw at E3. In fact, most of the textures have been removed, and most of the game effects have been removed as well. It will look very different from the demos we saw at E3.

EA has sent out invites for Battlefield 4 alpha trial randomly via Origin. If you’re lucky to be chosen, the Battlefield 4 alpha will appear in your list of Origin games. According to reports, the alpha is about 4.5 GB in size. Only PC players will get access to it.

Those participating in the alpha will get special Battlefield 4 dog tags, some of which you can see here (they’re based on player’s country, apparently). The dog tags feature different unlock criteria. For example, weapon dog tags require 500 kills with a weapon to unlock. Some of the dog tags are also part of Battlefield 4 BattlePacks.

The Battlefield 4 alpha will be very limited, and no more invites will be sent out. It should prepare the game for the beta, which will kick off in a few months and will be widely available to all BF3 Premium members.

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  1. danvan
    June 17th, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Why tone down textures

    • roflsunriz
      June 17th, 2013 at 4:24 pm

      Actually,to debug.It is easily to find bugs when screen is not complex.

    • Zeitzehn
      June 20th, 2013 at 3:09 am

      Like roflsunriz said, it’s so they can find bugs and unintended glitches/malfunctions. They’ll bring it back up to speed when the game comes out. It was the same for BF3, they always do test runs where they change the graphics around to make things run better… and in the case of BF3, they forgot to change them back. I would love for the game to look like the E3 gameplay, but it will likely turn out looking slightly different, but not as bad as it does in this video.

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