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Battlefield 4 multiplayer screenshots from E3

A new set of screenshots from the E3 show some new multiplayer details and features.

Battlefield 4 multiplayer screenshots
E3 just wrapped up in Los Angeles, and Battlefield 4 was one of the biggest titles showcased. It won several “best of show” awards, including one from GameSpot.

Battlefield 4 was extensively showcased at E3 this year, where 64 players played at the same time, helped by two commanders which were controller by DICE employees.

We saw a ton of multiplayer footage and some trailers as well. Yesterday, we posted some screenshots showcasing the Battlefield 4 soldier and weapon customization. Today, we got screenshots from the game itself, played on the map called “Siege of Shanghai”.

The new Battlefield 4 screenshots from EA show some of the new weapons, vehicles, and features in Battlefield 4. For example, all weapons will feature different camo/skins, including pistols.

Battlefield 4 launches this Fall on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Those who pre-order now will get a free DLC called “China Rising“, while Xbox One owners will get a head start on the newly announced Second Assault DLC.

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