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Stunning Battlefield 4 Second Assault screenshots

A collection of stunning screenshots from the latest BF4 expansion pack.

Battlefield 4 second assault screenshots

The Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion was released last week to Premium owners, and they’ve been able to enjoy the four new maps. The “new” maps are remakes of popular BF3 maps, and include Gulf of Oman, Operation Metro, Caspian Border, and Operation Firestorm.

While the maps largely retain their layout, and while the changes are pretty much only cosmetic, there is no doubt that the maps look better in Battlefield 4. Thanks to a better and more powerful engine, there is a lot more eye candy to look at. For a more direct comparison, check out the Second Assault BF4 vs BF3 comparison gallery.

To see just how good Second Assault looks, check out the new screenshots below. The screenshots were rendered at 3K resolution and downscaled to 1080p. Enjoy!

Via Imgur

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