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Battlefield 4 Ammo box


Battlefield 4 Ammo boxThe Battlefield 4 Ammo box is used by the Support class to resupply teammates with ammunition and any Battlefield 4 gadgets and equipment they might need throughout the match.

The Ammo box can resupply ammunition for all weapons and gadgets in the game, including rockets, AT mines, C4 explosives, Claymore, and more. However, it takes longer to resupply grenades and explosives to teammates. The Ammo box never runs out of ammo, and can continuously resupply teammates during the entire match. however, only one ammo box can be placed at a time.

Battlefield 4 Ammo box resupply point system awards the Support player with +15 points for supplying a teammate once. The player will earn points as long as teammates are resupplied by the nearby box. Extra points are awarded when players resupply their own squads. The ammo box is available from the start for the Support player, as this is the main purpose of the class.

Battlefield 4 Ammo box tips

Naturally, the Battlefield 4 Ammo box is most effective when placed in spots with a lot of traffic from friendly players, especially where a lot of combat is going on. For this reason, it’s possible for Support players to accumulate a ton of points on urban and close quarter maps. The counterpart to the ammo box for the Assault class is the medkit.

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  1. Tom Jones
    October 17th, 2013 at 3:40 am

    The starter Ammo Pouch only resupplys Pistols and Primarys. You got to unlock th Ammo Box and its the same with the Assault Class.

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