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Battlefield 4 AT mine


Battlefield 4 AT mineThe Battlefield 4 AT mine (M15 Anti tank mine) can be deployed by the Engineer class and is one of the most effective ways of taking out enemy vehicles in the game. The Battlefield 4 AT mine is unlocked and equipped by the Engineer only, and usually takes at least two M15 mines to destroy a vehicle (one mine to disable).

Battlefield 4 AT mine tips

Since it takes two or more M15 AT mines to destroy a vehicles, especially large tanks, it’s always best to place at least 2-3 mines in close proximity. Since the AT mine is dark, it stands out when placed on light road surfaces. Therefore, always look to place the mine on darker spots on roads and terrain.

A great place to set up mines are at heavily trafficked enemy roads, such as entries to the combat area or close to flags. Again, placing more mines closer together leads to better results.

Bait and switch AT mine trick

This trick is best used when the player has the explosives perk and can carry 5 or more Battlefield 4 AT mines. When defending a flag, place two mines on the road which are obvious to the enemy, and place the remaining 3-4 hidden away closer to the flag. The enemy will spot the obvious mines and destroy them, thinking they’re safe to capture the flag. When they approach the flag, they’ll be taken out by the remaining mines. This trick works best on tight, urban maps.

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  1. Need
    June 22nd, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Slams mAde these obsolete. Slams can stick to walls, vehicles, in the water, and they only need to be in close proximity of the vehicle. Slams are the best.

  2. M2slam lover
    March 29th, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    M2slams can be trown far while the atmines have to be placed when you are out in the open.Lol incoming missle

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