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Battlefield 4 Battle Pickup weapons


Battlefield 4 Battle Pickup weaponsBattlefield 4 Battle Pickup weapons (or “BattlePickup”) are guns that can only be used after they’ve been picked up on the map. Each map has a select number of Battlefield 4 Battle Pick Up weapons, which range from sniper rifles, to shotguns, and grenade launchers. These weapons cannot be equipped as standard weapons, but must be picked up on the map.

The weapons categorized as Battlefield 4 Battle Pickup gun only have a limited ammo capacity, usually 3 clips, and cannot be resupplied with the Ammo box like all other weapons. Furthermore, when the ammo depletes, players will lose the weapon and revert to their primary rifle (or SMGs etc.). Players cannot switch from the Battle Pickup weapon to their primary weapon — once the weapon has been picked up, it has to be used or dropped by the player.

List of Battlefield 4 Battle Pickup weapons

These weapons can only be picked up on the map and cannot be equipped as standard. Each map has several different Battlefield 4 Battle Pickup weapons available. Each weapon continuously respawns throughout the match, however, only one can be used at the same time. The weapons that can be picked up are generally the most powerful ones found in the game.

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