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Battlefield 4 BMP-2


Battlefield 4 BMP-2The Battlefield 4 BMP-2 is a Russian-made APC (or IFV) used in the multiplayer part of Battlefield 4. The BMP-2 can seat up to six soldiers and is armed with one main 30 mm cannon, and several secondary machine guns for passengers. Compared to its main rivals, the LAV-25 and ZBD-09, the BMP-2 is a bit slower and less maneuverable, but its larger cannon deals more damage and has longer range.

The Battlefield 4 BMP-2 was first introduced in the 1980s and was first featured in the Battlefield series in Bad Company. The BMP-2 is closely related to the BTR-90, which is also available in the game.

Battlefield 4 BMP-2 stats

The BMP-2 in Battlefield 4 can seat up to six soldiers, each who have access to a light machine gun. The driver operates the same 30 mm cannon found on the BTR-90, however, it fires at a slightly lower rate. The BMP-2 is very comparable to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

  • Top speed: 65 km/h
  • Driver weapons: 30 mm cannon
  • Secondary weapon: machine gun
  • Rocket/tank shots to disable: 2 front, 2 side, 1 rear

Battlefield 4 BMP-2 tips

Since the BMP-2 is slower and less maneuverable than the LAV-25 and the BTR-90, it’s not as well suited for attacking objectives. But it makes up with its powerful cannon, and when paired with the ATGM guided anti-tank missile, it can engage enemy tanks such as the M1 Abrams from a safe distance.

Battlefield 4 BMP-2 unlocks

The Battlefield 4 BMP-2 features several weapons and accessories that can be unlocked. Its main unlock is the ATGM guided anti-tank missile, a co-axial machine gun used by the driver, and improved armor.

BMP-2 in real life:
Battlefield 4 BMP-2 in real life

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