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Battlefield 4 Canted Iron Sights


Battlefield 4 Canted Iron SightsBattlefield 4 Canted Iron Sights are a set of sights that can be added to most weapons in the game. Unlike regular iron sights, the canted iron sights in Battlefield 4 are added to the side, giving the player the option of using both iron sights, and a more powerful scope at the same time. An alternative to the canted iron sights is the Magnifier, which can only be used with 1X sights.

Battlefield 4 Canted Iron Sights info

The Battlefield 4 Canted Iron Sights can be very useful when used with a designated marksman rifle or sniper rifle, as this gives the player the ability to effectively engage enemies at close range. The iron sights can be added in addition to a regular scope. The canted iron sights can be toggled on and off using the same button as the on/off switch for the laser.

The Battlefield 4 Canted Iron Sights use the same weapon slot as the laser sight and flash light, which means that the two cannot be used together.

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