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Battlefield 4 Conquest


Battlefield 4 conquestBattlefield 4 Conquest is the main multiplayer game mode. Conquest in Battlefield 4 is identical to previous versions of the game. Essentially, two teams compete over a limited amount of capture points (flags) on a map. The scoring is based on tickets. One ticket represents one spawn for one soldier. Tickets are limited at the beginning of each round (usually to 300), and the team that holds most capture points will force the other team’s ticket’s to “bleed faster”.

Conquest has been a staple of the series ever since the very first game, BF1942. The Battlefield 4 Conquest game mode will be available on all maps in the game. Despite the arrival of other modes, Conquest remains the most popular of the Battlefield 4 game modes.

Battlefield 4 Conquest rules

Each team starts with a limited amount of tickets. This is by standard set to 300. Each ticket gives one respawn for the team, which means players can collectively die and respawn a maximum 300 times. However, the tickets also “bleed” (e.g ticket loss), which means they gradually decline, regardless of how many times the team spawns.

Battlefield 4 conquest mapIn Battlefield 4 Conquest, there are several capture points on a map, usually 3, 5 or 7, and it’s usually an uneven number. This means that one team will always have the advantage by at least one flag. If the enemy controls more flags than your team, it means that tickets on your team will bleed at a higher rate. When tickets reach zero, the game is over. The first team that reaches zero tickets loses. Conquest is a popular mode that’s used with the hardcore option.

Therefore, one team can have more kills, but if they do not control the majority of the flags on the map, they are still likely to lose. Usually, there are some flags which cannot be captured by teams. Those include the home bases, which are protected.

To capture a flag usually takes 30 seconds. First, a the flag must be brought to neutral, which rewards players +200 points. Then it takes another 15 seconds to capture and turn the control point over to your team. This is awarded +250 points. The player who arrives first at the flag gets the full points, the remaining players only get “assist points”, which count for +200. For more, see the full Battlefield 4 point system.

Battlefield 4 Conquest tips

Battlefield 4 Conquest is all about controlling as many flags on the map as possible. While kills will bring down the enemy tickets, in the long run, the most effective tactic in Conquest has been to simply capture the majority of the flags, then dig in and defend. Effective defensive strategies involve placing Claymore mines next to the flag against infantry, and larger AT mines on the roads close to the flags. Once a team gets the majority of the flags, it’s best to defend those rather than to try and take over the remaining flags, as they won’t result in faster ticket bleed for the enemy.

Some control points are more important than others. Some control points provide more vehicles to the team, while others provide important gadgets for the Commander.

For more, check Battlefield 4 multiplayer tips and tricks. Since Battlefield 4 Conquest is one of the most open game modes, where players are free to attack a variety of flags and objectives, it’s an advantage to team balanced with the correct classes. For example, large, open maps with a lot of vehicles will need more of the Engineer class rather than Recon.

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    December 4th, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Will there be other game modes that include 64 players on next gen consoles other than conquest?

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