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Battlefield 4 deathmatch


Battlefield 4 DeathmatchBattlefield 4 deathmatch is a multiplayer game mode where all players are playing against each other. Deathmatch in Battlefield 4 differs from Team Deathmatch, in that each player fights for himself on the battlefield. Deathmatch is one of the most recognized multiplayer game modes in the world, and dates back many years to the origins of FPS gaming. The Battlefield 4 hardcore option is often applied to the Deathmatch game mode.

Battlefield 4 deathmatch rules

The rules in Battlefield 4 deathmatch are simple: each player spawns on the map (which is usually a limited version of larger map) and the objective is to kill as many enemies as possible. The match ends either when a player has reached a score limit, or when a set time runs out.

Battlefield 4 deathmatch tips

Since Deathmatch doesn’t focus at all on teamwork, it’s all up to the individual players to utilize their skills in the game. It’s all about getting as many kills as possible, without consideration to teamwork and assisting anyone. It’s the only game mode that does not focus on any form of teamwork.

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