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Battlefield 4 Domination


Battlefield 4 dominationBattlefield 4 Domination (or Conquest Domination), is a game mode that resembles Conquest in many ways. Domination in Battlefield 4 (also known as Conquest Domination), still revolves around capturing flags, but players cannot spawn on the locations. Players can either spawn randomly on the map, or next to a squad member. Battlefield 4 Domination is used in tight, infantry-only maps, and features no vehicles at all.

Battlefield 4 Conquest Domination was first introduced as part of the Close Quarters DLC released for BF3. It was only available on small, infantry-based maps, but still supported up to 64 players.

Battlefield 4 Domination rules

Domination is very similar to Conquest: the objective is still to capture and hold as many flags / control points on the map. Both teams are assigned a certain amount of tickets, and the first team that runs of out tickets loses. For more on the ticket system, see Conquest.

Battlefield 4 Conquest Domination tips

Conquest Domination is a must faster paced version of conquest. There are no vehicles, and players can only spawn next to squad members or randomly. Because it’s infantry based combat and set in tight quarters, a player’s individual skill is much more important than in regular conquest. Teamwork still counts, but quick reactions and a solid individual performance is key to winning in Domination.

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  1. Indeterminant
    August 5th, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    You will see in-game that skill has devolved to run-and-gun with shotguns, machine guns, assault weapons or vehicle-camping. In general, it is known that there is no tactics and there are no squads and teamwork. However players have found cooperative friendlies in-game who also desire to play squad-based and with tactics. Hacks and cheats have invaded the current state of Battlefield 4 and lingers, despite punkbuster and the “report” feature on player profiles. Hacks such as 1-hit-kill-spraying or aim-botting are often reported as been witnessed. The developers say that some players are “just too good” when in fact even the best players are headshot from miles away by a level 3 with an assault rifle that the game can’t seem to register a display or description of.
    That being said, as with Battlefield 2, Battlefield 4 has potential. So much potential. To probably quite well be the best first-person wargame ever thought-up. If only… the administrative and developer base weren’t too blinded by short-term profit making off of expansions and other games.

    – Indeterminant
    (Bought the game, played for a few months, quit, came back Mar 2015 to a complete mess)

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