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Battlefield 4 DPV


Battlefield 4 DPVThe Battlefield 4 DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle) is a buggy used by the US forces in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. The DPV was first featured in the series in BF2, where it was one of the main transport vehicles. The Battlefield 4 DPV is one of the fastest land vehicles in the game, but features little to no protection for its occupants. Its Russian counterpart is the VDV Buggy.

The DPV was first used during the Gulf War in 1991, and is still used in limited capacity with US Special Forces units. The DPC is designed mostly for a desert environment. It is similar to the Growler ITV (Infantry Transport Vehicle) in the game.

Battlefield 4 DPV stats

The DPV in Battlefield 4 is very fast and agile, but lacks and decent protection for its occupants. It seats 3 soldiers, just like the Growler ITV, and is armed with a single .50 cal machine gun. A faster vehicle can be found in the Quad Bike, which only seats 2.

  • Top speed: 120 km/h
  • Driver weapons: none
  • Passenger weapons: 1X .50 cal machine gun
  • Seats: 3

Battlefield 4 DPV tips

The Battlefield 4 DPV is great for flanking the enemy and quickly capturing flags with a squad. However, it’s not designed to attack any other vehicles. For a more armored transport vehicle, the Humvee is a better option. However, the DPV is still faster and much better when going off-road.

Battlefield 4 DPV unlocks

The Battlefield 4 DPV doesn’t feature any unlocks so far.

DPV in real life:
Battlefield 4 DPV real

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    March 20th, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    But the DPV is armed with a Mk19 Grenade Launcher, not a .50 cal like in BF3.

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