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Battlefield 4 Flash Hider


Battlefield 4 Flash HiderThe Battlefield 4 Flash Hider is an unlockable attachment that can be applied to most weapons. The Flash Hider in Battlefield 4, as its name suggests, hides the flash of the weapon when it’s fired. It adds an element of stealth, as players will be more difficult to see when they’re firing their weapon. However, the Flash Hider does not make the player invisible from the minimap — he can still be spotted and heard when firing the weapon.

Battlefield 4 Flash Hider info

Battlefield 4 flash hider renderThe Battlefield 4 Flash Hider can be used by almost all weapons in the game. The downside of the flash hider is that it reduces accuracy a bit when fired both from the hip and when aimed. A better stealth accessory is the suppressor, which hides both the muzzle flash and the sound as well.

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