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Battlefield 4 Flash Light


Battlefield 4 Flash LightBattlefield 4 Flash Light is an accessory that can be added to virtually any weapon in the game. The flash light in Battlefield 4 works much in the same way it did in previous games: its main purpose is to light up dark areas of the map, however, it can also blind enemies when shined directly at them. When equipped, the flash light can be turned on or off with the toggle of a button.

Battlefield 4 Flash Light details

Battlefield 4 Flash Light can be added to everything from assault rifles, to shotguns, to pistols. While its main intended use is to light up dark areas such as tunnels and interiors, it’s also highly effective at disorienting the enemy when shined directly at them. Battlefield 4 Flash Light icon. However, when the flash light is on, it’s very easy for enemies to spot you on the battlefield. A similar attachment is the laser/light combo, which allows the player to switch between a laser sight and flash light.

Similar attachments to the flash light

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  1. Gunner
    August 22nd, 2014 at 12:48 am

    Recommended in the dark where it actually counts

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