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Battlefield 4 HD-33


Battlefield 4 HD-33 sightBattlefield 4 HD-33 is a compact holographic sight made for Chinese weapons in the game. The HD-33 sight in Battlefield 4 is very similar to other Holographic sights, such as the American Holo and the Russian PKA-S. The Battlefield 4 HD-33 sight has no zoom and is intended for close range combat only. It can be added to most weapons in the game, from sniper rifles, to shotguns. While it’s a Chinese-made sight, it can be used with American and Russian weapons as well.

Battlefield 4 HD-33 sight stats

  • Available on: most weapons (except pistols)
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Origin: China
  • Range: very short
  • Scope glint effect: none

Similar scopes to the HD-33 sight

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