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Battlefield 4 heavy barrel


Battlefield 4 heavy barrelThe Battlefield 4 heavy barrel attachment can be unlocked and used by most assault rifles and carbines in the game. The Heavy Barrel in Battlefield 4 adds to the accuracy and dispersion pattern, giving the weapon a longer range. However, the downside is that it adds recoil, making the weapon harder to control.

Battlefield 4 heavy barrel details

The Battlefield 4 heavy barrel can only be applied to assault rifles and carbines in the game. The heavy barrel is a great weapon for long range combat, but the added recoil makes it harder to control in tight infantry quarters, especially when firing from the hip. Battlefield 4 heavy barrel iconThe Heavy Barrel, when combined with a powerful scope, can easily make a general purpose assault rifle into a long-range weapon. The attachment only affects the accuracy/spray of the weapon, it doesn’t add any extra damage.

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  1. Master and Comander
    October 15th, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Heavy barrel not only increases accuracy but it also cuts recoil but i can understand they do this for balancing purposes.

  2. Ultra777
    December 25th, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    I’ve notice far more recoil when using the heavy barrel(at least on the p90). when the opposite should occur. I shoot real guns for recreation and know through experience(not video game experience), that shorter, lighter barrels produce more recoil, not the other way around. Stability is not lost yet in bf4 it is, and drastically. You’d think a game developed around ballistics would know something about it. I just don’t see where they got that it adds recoil. It would be like a heavier object being thrown farther than a lighter object via equal applied force, it doesn’t make sense.

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