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Battlefield 4 IGLA


Battlefield 4 IGLAThe Battlefield 4 IGLA (or SA-18 IGLA) is a Russian-made portable anti-air missile launcher, unlocked and used by the Russian Engineer in multiplayer. The IGLA is very similar to the Stinger, and has similar stats and properties. It’s designed to be used against enemy aircraft in BF4, including jets, helicopters, and even UAVs. The IGLA can’t be used against any other vehicles.

The Battlefield 4 IGLA is unlocked and used by the Engineer class, and features a lock-on mode, where players first have to track and lock on the aircraft, then fire. The IGLA in Battlefield 4 has exceptionally long range, and the missile can often track enemy aircraft across the entire map. The word “Igla” means “needle” in Russian.

The SA-18 IGLA was developed by Russia in the early 1980s, and has since been used by the Russian and many other armies around the world.

Battlefield 4 IGLA stats

  • Ammunition: 72mm infrared homing missile
  • Ammo count: 4 (can be expanded)
  • Faction: Russia
  • Class: Engineer
  • Weight: 15 KG

Battlefield 4 IGLA tips

To effectively use the Battlefield 4 IGLA, it’s a good idea to wait until an aircraft has already deployed flares, then lock on and fire. Another tactic is to lock on and track the aircraft, then wait until the flares have been deployed. Then quickly lock on and fire, before the flares get a chance to reload.

Battlefield 4 IGLA screenshots

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