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Battlefield 4 JGM-4


Battlefield 4 JGM-4The Battlefield 4 JGM-4 scope is a medium range scope that offers 4x magnification, and is very similar to the ACOG. The JGM-4 in Battlefield 4 can be unlocked and added to most weapons in the game.

Unlike the ACOG, the JGM-4 features a ballistic reticle, which makes it wasier for players to calculate the bullet drop at longer ranges. This makes the Battlefield 4 JGM-4 scope more user friendly when it comes to ranges beyond the medium range it’s intended for. It’s particularly useful on designated marksman rifles such as the SKS and the MK 11 Mod 0.

Battlefield 4 JGM-4 stats

  • Available on: all weapons except pistols
  • Magnification: 4x
  • Origin: US
  • Range: medium
  • Scope glint effect: none

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