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Battlefield 4 Kobra sight


Battlefield 4 Kobra sightThe Battlefield 4 Kobra sight is a Russian made red dot sight intended for close range combat. It’s very similar to the US Holo and the Chinese Coyote sights, as all three use the red dot design. The Kobra in Battlefield 4 was designed for Russian weapons, such as the AKU-12 carbine and the SKS designated marksman rifle. It’s a popular sight for close range combat, and allows easy target acquisition and tracking. The Battlefield 4 Kobra sight can be expanded with a 2x zoom from the toggable Magnifier attachment, giving it a bit more range.

Battlefield 4 Kobra sight stats

Battlefield 4 Kobra sight render

  • Available on: all weapons except pistols
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Origin: Russia
  • Range: short
  • Scope glint effect: none

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