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Battlefield 4 Laser Light Combo


Battlefield 4 Laser Light ComboBattlefield 4 Laser Light Combo is an attachment that can be added to most weapons in the game. The laser light combo in Battlefield 4 is a new accessory that combines a flash light and a laser sight, as its name suggests. It gives players the ability to toggle between a laser sight and a flash light during combat. This can be an effective attachment, since it has the benefits of a laser sight (added hip accuracy), and the flash light (ability to blind enemies etc. ).

Battlefield 4 Laser Light Combo info

Battlefield 4 Laser Light Combo can be added to most weapons, and is a very versatile attachment. It can light up dark areas with its flashlight and blind enemies, and it can also increase the hip fire accuracy of a weapon. However, the laser and flash light cannot be used at the same time — the player has to toggle between the two.

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