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Battlefield 4 M-COM


The Battlefield 4 M-COM (or MCOM) is an objective used in the Rush multiplayer game mode. The M-COM station in Battlefield 4 appears as a set of military communication servers (hence the name: Military Communications). The attackers in Rush are tasked with destroying the Battlefield 4 M-COM stations, while the defenders have to prevent them.

Battlefield 4 M-COM overview

Battlefield 4 M-COMThe M-COM stations in Battlefield 4 are found in the game modes Rush, and Squad Rush. The M-COM isn’t featured on any other game mode such as Conquest or Deathmatch — it’s strictly a Rush objective. In a regular Rush match, there is a set of two M-COM station per stage. Once both stations have been destroyed, the attackers can advance to the next stage. In Battlefield 4, the M-COM has to be armed with and destroyed, they cannot be taken out by enemy gun fire or C4 Explosives or fire from heavily vehicles such as tanks.

The attacking player who arms the M-COM receives 250 points. If the M-COM is successfully destroyed, the player receives another 500 points. Additionally, the M-COM can be armed remotely via the EOD Bot. Players can earn several awards such as ribbons and medals by attacking/defending M-COM stations. The MCOM can also be armed from afar by using the EOD Bot, which is a gadget available only to Engineers.

Fore more tips on how to attack and defend and M-COM stations, see the Rush article.

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