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Battlefield 4 M1128


Battlefield 4 M1128The Battlefield 4 M1128 is a US tank / tank destroyer featured in the multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4. The M1128 is loosely based on the LAV-25, but features a powerful anti-tank cannon. The Battlefield 4 M1128 can carry two soldiers, one driver/operator, and one gunner with access to a light machine gun against infantry.

The M1128 was introduced in the 1990s as an anti-tank vehicle designed to engage enemy tanks from a distance. It was first featured in the Battlefield series i BF3, as part of the Armored Kill DLC. Its main rival in Battlefield 4 is the Russian Sprut-SD.

Battlefield 4 M1128 stats

The M1128 in Battlefield 4 is a tank destroyer meant to mainly engage tanks and APCs. However, it’s powerful cannon is also effective against infantry fortifications. Because of its lower armor, the M1128 is best suited for engaging enemy tanks from a distance.

  • Top speed: 65 km/h
  • Driver weapons: 105 mm cannon
  • Secondary weapons: light machine gun / TOW missile
  • Rocket/tank shots to disable: 3 front, 2 side, 1 rear

Battlefield 4 M1128 tips

The Battlefield 4 M1128 features a powerful cannon as other Battlefield 4 tanks, but it’s much lighter and faster. As a result, it can out-maneuver larger tanks, but on the down side, it features considerably less armor.

Battlefield 4 M1128 unlocks

The M1128 in Battlefield 4 is a powerful anti-tank vehicle, and can be improved further with a TOW missile unlock. This makes it deadly against enemy tanks, especially at long range. The M1128 can also be equipped with reactive armor and smoke screen countermeasures.

M1128 in real life:
Battlefield 4 M1128 in real life

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  1. Mitchell
    June 29th, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    in all actuality this vehicle is a mobile gun platform not a “tank destroyer” it was designed for destroying bunkers and fortifications, because shells are cheaper than rockets and missiles.

  2. Spaceman Spiff
    October 1st, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Both this and the SPRUT has these defensive charateristics:

    Rocket/tank shots to disable: 3 front, 2 side, 1 rear

    And the M1??

    Rocket/tank shots to disable: 3 front, 2 side, 2 rear

    The best frontal armor in the world, the Chobham-armor, can withstand “three shots” to the front armor, while this is just as good??? WTF? The gun is fairly powerful, but it has inferior armor compared to just about any thanks. Let it be that way, as these vehicles are more useful than the MBTs in BF3. They are faster and more manouverable. That is an asset from real life. However, they are not nearly as well protected as an MBT, which is a liability from RL.

    • Spaceman Spiff
      October 1st, 2013 at 11:19 am

      The only thing that differs these two vehicles are one or two shots in the rear?? Now, the strategy for an MBT would be to pass the SPRUT or M1128, and then engage it from the rear?? Get real!

  3. DerplyMuffin
    May 30th, 2014 at 9:29 am

    I believe the facts here are wrong in a way, do to the fact that currently, the only country still using tank destroyers is Sweden, which has not been in a war for over 200 years, tank destroyers are out dated due to the MBTs which can preform multiple tasks and doesn’t specialize in one exact area

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