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Battlefield 4 Magnifier


Battlefield 4 MagnifierBattlefield 4 Magnifier adds a 2X magnification option to any type of 1X sight or iron sight. Players can toggle it on and off, depending on the need. The Magnifier in Battlefield 4 uses the laser sight / flash light slot, which means it cannot be used together with a flash light, for example.

Battlefield 4 Magnifier info

The Battlefield 4 Magnifier is useful for close quarter combat where the iron sights or a regular red dot sights aren’t enough. Since iron sights, red dot sights, and the likes are used for close quarter combat, the Magnifier option adds some extra range to the weapon. It’s toggled on and off using the same button that turns the flash light on/off.

An alternative to the Magnifier is the Canted Iron Sight, which can be used with any sight / scope in the game.

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