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Battlefield 4 medalsBattlefield 4 medals are in-game items awarded to players when they accomplish certain tasks or achievements. The medals in Battlefield 4 are based on a wide variety of criteria, ranging from getting a certain amounts of the same Battlefield 4 ribbons, to playing a certain amount of hours as a faction. Players will see their Battlefield 4 medal progress in Battlelog.

In general, Battlefield 4 medals are harder to earn than ribbons, in some cases, much harder. Medals usually require many hours of dedication in order to be earned, while ribbons van be earned in a single round of multiplayer. Medals have been popular in previous games in the series, and are a great way to show off one’s accomplishments in the game. Most of the medals are awarded simply for amassing 50 ribbons of the same type.

Battlefield 4 medals list

Battlefield 4 medals list

The base game features a total of 45 Battlefield 4 medals (same amount as ribbons). However, not all medals are expected to be available at once, as Battlefield 4 DLC will bring new awards with it. Here is the complete list of all Battlefield 4 medals:

Vehicle medals

  • Tank medal: get the tank ribbon 50 times
  • IFV medal: get the IFV ribbon 50 times
  • Anti-air medal: get the anti-air ribbon 50 times
  • Scout helicopter medal: get the scout helicopter ribbon 50 times
  • Attack helicopter medal: get the attack helicopter ribbon 50 times
  • Jet medal: get the jet fighter ribbon 50 times
  • Watercraft medal: get the watercraft ribbon 50 times

Weapon medals

  • Handgun: obtain the handgun ribbon 50 times
  • Assault rifle: obtain the assault rifle ribbon 50 times
  • Carbine: obtain the the carbine ribbon 50 times
  • Sniper rifle: obtain the sniper rifle ribbon 50 times
  • LMG: obtain the LMG ribbon 50 times
  • DMR: obtain the DMR ribbon 50 times
  • PDW ribbon: obtain the PWD ribbon 50 times
  • Shotgun: obtain the the shotgun ribbon 50 times
  • Melee: obtain the mellee ribbon 50 times

Game mode medals

  • Conquest medal: get 50X of the conquest ribbon
  • Rush medal: get 50X ofthe Rush ribbon
  • Obliteration medal: get 50X of the Obliteration ribbon
  • Team deathmatch medal: get 50X of the team deathmatch ribbon
  • Squad deathmatch medal: get 50X of the squad deathmatch ribbon
  • Defuse medal: get 50X of the defuse ribbon
  • Domination medal: get 50X of the domination ribbon
  • Flag capture medal: get 50X the flag capture ribbon
  • M-COM medal: get 50X of the M-COM attacker ribbon
  • Bomb Delivery medal: get 50X of the bomb delivery ribbon

Teamwork medals

  • Headshot medal: get the headshot ribbon 50 times
  • Marksman medal: get the marksman ribbon 50 times
  • Squad Wipe medal: get the squad wipe ribbon 50 times
  • Ammo resupply medal:get the ammo resupply ribbon 50 times
  • Medkit medal: get the medkit ribbon 50 times
  • Defibrillator medal: get the defibrillator ribbon 50 times
  • Repair tool medal: get the repair tool ribbon 50 times
  • Anti vehicle medal: get the anti-vehicle ribbon 50 times
  • Radio beacon medal: get the radio beacon ribbon 50 times

Commander medals

  • Commander leadership medal: get the commander leadership ribbon 50 times
  • Commander Gunship medal: get the commander gunship ribbon 50 times
  • Commander resupply medal: get the commander resupply ribbon 50 times
  • Commander surveillance medal: get the Commander surveillance ribbon 50 times

General medals

  • MVP medal: obtain 50 of the MVP ribbons
  • Spotting medal: obtain 50 of the spotting ribbons
  • Avenger medal: obtain 50 of the avenger ribbons
  • Savior medal: obtain 50 of the savior medals
  • Kill assist medal: obtain 50 of the kill assist ribbons
  • Ace squad medal: obtain 50 of the ace squad ribbons

Battlefield 4 medals examples

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  1. astragoht
    October 4th, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Are there like in BF3 medals for playing a 100 hours usa,russia,china where you also get a dog tag for?

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