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Battlefield 4 Medkit


Battlefield 4 medkitThe Battlefield 4 Medkit (Medic Kit), is a gadget used by the Assault class to heal other players. The Medkit in Battlefield 4 can be deployed anywhere on the map, and will automatically heal wounded teammates who are nearby.

The Battlefield 4 medkit rewards players with +15 points each time they heal a teammate. The points are awarded as long as the teammate is being healed. There are special bonus points for healing squad members. Only one medkit can be deployed on the battlefield at a time, and it will stay active and heal players until another is deployed. In addition to the Medkit, the Assault player can equip the Defibrillator as a secondary gadget.

Battlefield 4 medkit tips

Like with the Battlefield 4 ammo box, the medkit is most useful (and will collect the most points) when placed in areas with heavy combat where teammates can be injured. Players can amass lots of points in urban, close quarter maps with heavy infantry combat. Medkits cannot heal vehicles — the repair tool is used for that.

Note that the Battlefield 4 Medic Kit effect does not stack, meaning that teammates will heal at a constant rate, regardless of how many medkits are on the ground.

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