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Battlefield 4 Mortar


Battlefield 4 MortarThe Battlefield 4 Mortar (or M224 mortar), is a weapon/gadget that can be used by the Support class. Unlike in the previous game, the M224 Mortar in Battlefield 4 is remotely operated. The player can leave the mortar anywhere on the map, and operate it using a remote system.

Battlefield 4 Mortar overview

The M224 mortar gadget fires 60mm mortars — both high explosives and smoke rounds, and is highly effective against both infantry and vehicles. The mortar has a 5 shot supply as standard, which takes a while to reload. The accuracy of the Battlefield 4 Mortar depends on how fast the player fires the mortar. If shells are fired quickly, it will be less accurate. If they’re fired slowly, they will be more accurate. The player can see on the mini map and the gadget where the mortar impacts.

Battlefield 4 Mortar screenshot 1
As the above screenshot shows, once the M224 Mortar is deployed, the player can control it from anywhere on the map using the gadget that’s similar to the one used to control the MAV UAV and the EOD Bot remotely operated robot. Once the mortar is deployed and in use, it will appear on the map for enemies to see.

Battlefield 4 Mortar screenshots

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  1. jeff
    August 31st, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    when will the mortar deployment delay be fixed?

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