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Battlefield 4 Motion Sensor


Battlefield 4 Motion SensorBattlefield 4 Motion Sensor is a gadget that can be easily deployed, and scans the surrounding area for enemies for a brief period of time. The Motion Sensor in Battlefield 4 works much like it did in previous games: the player is equipped with 3 motion sensors, which can be thrown to reveal enemies.

Battlefield 4 Motion Sensor overview

The Battlefield 4 Motion Sensor, when deployed, can detect enemies within a radius of 25 meters for about 20 seconds. Any detected enemy will appear to be “spotted” on the minimap. However, just like the T-UGS motion sensor, enemies who crouch or are prone will not be detected. Players can carry up to 3 motion sensors at a time, and only the Recon class can use it.

Battlefield 4 Motion Sensor tips

The motion sensor is a great gadget for the Recon class, and has many advantages over the T-UGS, especially if the player is on the run and constantly on the move. The Motion Sensor makes it easy to scan an area for enemies before attacking a capture point or an MCOM station in Rush. If the player is more of a dedicated sniper, the T-UGS is recommended, as it doesn’t have a time limit on its detection.

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  1. flamingfirewolf
    August 27th, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    i really like this idea….. and that thing looks cool….
    although i do not like the idea that you have “3”…… does that mean that you can only use “3” times per life and that’s it or can we pick them up?

    i see myself using the recon class in BF4 only for little things…
    but in BF3 i use the recon class mainly for spotting and using that spawn beacon but if i can only use the motion sensor “3” times per life then that would change my thoughts of use on that class as the snipers are very under powered.

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