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Battlefield 4 Muzzle Brake


Battlefield 4 Muzzle BrakeBattlefield 4 Muzzle Brake is a weapon attachment that can be applied to most rifles in the game. The Muzzle Brake in Battlefield 4 allows the player to better control the recoil of the weapon. The more kick a weapon has, the more effective the muzzle break will be when applied to the weapon. However, the accuracy of the weapon drops somewhat at long range because of the muzzle brake.

Battlefield 4 Muzzle Brake info

The Battlefield 4 Muzzle Brake can be unlocked for all assault rifles and sniper rifles in the game. The Muzzle brake attachment is very effective in high-powered rifles, such as sniper rifles. While it looks similar to the Flash Hider, the muzzle brake does not hide the flash of the weapon, but it does reduce it somewhat.

Similar attachments to the Muzzle Brake

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