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Battlefield 4 PK-A


Battlefield 4 PK-ABattlefield 4 PK-A is a medium range scope designed for Russian-made weapon. The PK-A in battlefield 4 is very similar to the American M145 scope, as they both offer the same magnification.

The Battlefield 4 PK-A was designed for Russian assault rifles such as the AK-12, AEK-971, and the AN-94. The scope is intended for medium range combat, and is particularly effective when used with the heavy barrel and the angled grip, for even better accuracy.

Battlefield 4 PK-A stats

Battlefield 4 PK-A render

  • Available on: all weapons except pistols
  • Magnification: 3.4x
  • Origin: Russia
  • Range: medium
  • Scope glint effect: none

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