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Battlefield 4 PKS-07


Battlefield 4 PKS-07The Battlefield 4 PKS-07 is the standard scope found on the Russian sniper rifles in the game. The PKS-07 in Battlefield 4 offers a 7x magnification, making it suitable for medium to long range combat only. The Battlefield 4 PKS-07 is found as the standard on the Russian rifles, such as the SKS, the SV98, and the SVD. It has a medium to high scope glint. It can also be sued with other weapons, such as assault rifles and designated marksman rifles.

Battlefield 4 PKS-07 scope stats

Battlefield 4 PKS-07 scope

  • Available on: sniper rifles only
  • Magnification: 7x
  • Origin: US
  • Range: extremely long
  • Scope glint effect: very high

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