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Battlefield 4 Reflex sight


Battlefield 4 Reflex sightThe Battlefield 4 Reflex sight is a red dot sight intended for close to medium range combat. The Reflex sight in Battlefield 4 can be added to any weapon in the game (except pistols), and has a clear view that makes it easy to aim and track moving targets at close ranges. The Battlefield 4 Reflex sight is especially useful when added to close range weapons, such as the UMP-45 and AS VAL SMGs, and the SPAS-12 and Shorty 12G shotguns.

Battlefield 4 Reflex sight stats

Battlefield 4 Reflex

  • Available on: rifles, shotguns, SMGs
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Origin: US faction
  • Range: very short
  • Scope glint effect: none

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