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Battlefield 4 RussiaThe Battlefield 4 Russia faction is one of the three playable multiplayer factions. Russia in Battlefield 4 includes its own real-world based weapons and vehicles, all of which are in active service with the Russian military. While the weapons and vehicles differ vastly from the ones used by the US faction and China in the game, they have all been balanced for the sake of gameplay. Russia has been featured as the main “enemy” in the last 3 Battlefield games, starting with Bad Company and ending with BF3 in 2011. As expected, the main antagonist in the BF4 singleplayer story is also found in Russia.

Battlefield 4 Russia overview

Like the other two sides in the game, the Battlefield 4 Russia faction includes all the weapons and vehicles used by the Russian military. Russia faces both US and China in multiplayer maps, and is also heavily featured in the singleplayer campaign story (largely as the enemy). Russian player models in the game feature their own authentic uniforms, which can also be swapped for different camos that are unlockable in the game.

Like the other factions in the game Russia features its own VO dialogue, both in singleplayer and multiplayer. Although players can choose to set the VO to English (with a slight Swedish accent).

Battlefield 4 Russia weapons

The weapons used by the Battlefield 4 Russia team are realistic interpretations of guns in active service with the Russian military. We’ve included a sample of all the Russian guns available in multiplayer. For more, see the complete weapon list.

Battlefield 4 Russia vehicles

The Russian military has a huge arsenal of vehicles of all sorts, and most of them are represented in the game. For the compete breakdown, see the full vehicle list.

Russian faction character models
Battlefield 4 russians

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  1. Xirz
    October 6th, 2013 at 4:16 am

    I really like the Russian outfits. I hope that they add something like being able to wear the Russian outfits from bf3 MP if you have bf3 premium.

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