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Battlefield 4 SMAW


Battlefield 4 SMAWThe Battlefield 4 SMAW is a rocket launcher used by the Engineer class in the game. The SMAW is the starting rocket launcher for the US faction, and fires high-explosive unguided rockets. The SMAW in Battlefield 4 is a good all-round rocket launcher that’s usable against vehicles, infantry, and buildings as well. The Russian counterpart to the SMAW is the RPG-7.

The Battlefield 4 SMAW — Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon — has been used since 1984 with the US Marines. It’s a multipurpose weapon that is effective against both infantry, vehicles, and especially buildings. The US Army has also adopted the SMAW as one of its rocket launchers, as have other nations.

The SMAW was first featured in the Battlefield series in BF3, where it was the main rocket launcher for the US faction. Like other rocket launchers in the game, the SMAW ammo count can be expanded with the “explosives” specialization, which increases the rocket count from 3 to 6.

Battlefield 4 SMAW stats

  • Ammunition: 83mm HEDP unguided rocket
  • Ammo count: 4 (can be expanded)
  • Faction: US
  • Class: Engineer
  • Weight: 8 KG

Battlefield 4 SMAW tips

The SMAW, like the RPG-7, is a good “fire and forget” weapon, meaning you can quickly fire a rocket at an enemy, then retreat. Against infantry, it’s best to fire at a surface close to them. Against vehicles, try and hit them from the side or even better, from the back.

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