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Battlefield 4 SOFLAM


Battlefield 4 SOFLAMBattlefield 4 SOFLAM is a gadget used by the Recon class to spot and target enemy vehicles. The SOFLAM in Battlefield 4 works much like it did in previous games in the series. The player deploys the SOFLAM on the ground, and can remotely operate it to laser designate targets. The SOFLAM is one of the early unlocks for the Recon class.

Battlefield 4 SOFLAM overview

The SOFLAM first has to be deployed, where after the player can remotely control it and designate targets. Assist points are awarded for each designated target. Once a target has been marked with the Battlefield 4 SOFLAM, other players using rocket launchers such as the Javelin, can easily lock on and fire. Helicopters and Jets using a special type of missile can also lock on the target.

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