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Battlefield 4 Squad Rush


Battlefield 4 Squad RushBattlefield 4 Squad Rush is a multiplayer game mode that’s very similar to the regular Rush mode. Squad Rush in Battlefield 4 pits two squads against each other in the familiar Rush setting: one team has to attack and destroy M-COM stations, while another squad has to defend. Battlefield 4 Squad Rush is limited to only 10 players, as two squads of 5 participate in the match. It’s a popular mode in tournaments and e-sports.

Battlefield 4 Squad Rush rules

The rules in Battlefield 4 Squad Rush are simple: one squad of five players is tasked with defending 2 M-COM stations, while another has to arm and destroy them. The attackers have a limited amount of tickets, while defenders have unlimited. If the attackers can successfully destroy the two M-COM stations, they are awarded additional tickets and advance to the next stage. Maps in Squad Rush are limited in size, and most have no heavy vehicles, only light transport vehicles.

Battlefield 4 Squad Rush tips

They key to Battlefield 4 Squad Rush is teamwork — as attackers, it’s best to always spawn next to a teammate and keep attacking the objective. Since it’s a scaled down version of regular Rush, players have more room to flank the objective, which gives the attackers an advantage. Defensively, the same rules apply as in regular rush: use Claymore and C4 Explosives around the M-COMS, and generally stay close to the objectives.

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