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Battlefield 4 suppression


Battlefield 4 suppressionBattlefield 4 suppression occurs when bullets are flying around the enemy, causing a loss of proper aiming. Suppression in Battlefield 4 works differently compared to BF3. This time, players won’t get an accuracy penalty per se, instead, their scope / sight will sway, much like the scopes on sniper rifles. The Battlefield 4 suppression system and its effects varies from weapon to weapon, with machine guns and sniper rifles having the biggest effect on players.

Battlefield 4 suppression effects

Suppression in Battlefield 4 is most noticeable when coming from light machine guns, operated by the Support class, and sniper rifles, from the Recon Class. When enemy fire is near the player, the player will experience a swaying of the scope and sight, making it harder to aim. However, it will not directly affect accuracy, meaning that skilled players will still be able to fire accurately.

Battlefield 4 suppression has been toned down significantly in close quarters, in order to focus on player skill. Suppression from general rifles and weapons has been decreased overall, while machine guns has been increased. This means that Support class players will have a bigger impact in the game with their LMGs. Explosions from rockets and grenades will also cause a suppression effect on the player.

Players can also use one of the field upgrades to minimize the effects of suppression (called “Cover”).

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