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Battlefield 4 Suppressor


Battlefield 4 SuppressorBattlefield 4 Suppressor is an attachment that can be unlocked and added to most weapons in the game. The Suppressor in Battlefield 4 works in a similar way to previous games in the series: it removes any muzzle flash and tones down the sound of the weapon fired. However, the suppressor does have a few disadvantages. Mainly, it reduces hip-fire accuracy.

Battlefield 4 Suppressor info

The Battlefield 4 Suppressor (or silencer) can be applied to all weapons, from assault rifles, to sniper rifles, SMGs, and pistols as well. The suppressor adds a stealth element to the gameplay, as players cannot be seen on the minimap when they fire their weapon.Battlefield 4 silencer suppressor Similarly, because it suppresses the sound, it’s hard for enemies to know where the fire is coming from. There are four different kinds of suppressors in Battlefield 4, depending on the faction, but they all work in a similar way and have the similar effect.

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