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Battlefield 4 T-UGS


Battlefield 4 T-UGS (TUGS)Battlefield 4 T-UGS (or simply TUGS), is a sensor that automatically spots enemies within a certain distance. The TUGS (Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor) in Battlefield 4 can only be used by the Recon class. It can be mounted on most ground surfaces on the map. The Battlefield 4 TUGS is one of the first Recon unlocks. Unlike most other gadgets in the game, the T-UGS is entirely fictional and isn’t based on any real world gadget.

Battlefield 4 T-UGS overview

When deployed, the Battlefield 4 T-UGS will transmit a “beep” when an enemy is spotted, and the enemy will appear on the minimap. Since the sensor will emit a beep, any enemies in the area will hear it. The T-UGS can easily be destroyed with just a few bullets.

However, enemies who are prone or crouch will not be detected by the TUGS sensor. Players can only have one T-UGS deployed at a time. If a sensor is destroyed, players can get another one simply by resupplying from an ammo box.

A more mobile version of the same gadget is the Motion Sensor, which can be thrown and will reveal any nearby enemies for a period of 20 seconds.

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