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Battlefield 4 Team Deathmatch


Battlefield 4 Team DeathmatchBattlefield 4 Team Deathmatch is a multiplayer game mode that pits two teams against each other, where the objective is to reach a certain amount of kills as a team. Unlike Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch in Battlefield 4 adds a layer of teamwork, where it’s not each man for himself, but rather, the team as a whole.

Battlefield 4 Team Deathmatch rules

Battlefield 4 Team Deathmatch has two teams of up to 32 players at a time, and the only objective in the match is to kill the enemy. Unlike other game modes such as Conquest and Rush, teamwork isn’t not that important. For example, reviving a fallen teammate isn’t as useful, because respawn “tickets” are not involved.

Unlike other game modes, Team Deathmatch has no vehicles and maps are limited in size. The score limit starts at 50 kills (first team that reaches 50 kills wins), but can be set by server owners as high as 500 kills, which makes for some very long matches. In Battlefield 4 Team Deathmatch, players can spawn either randomly on the map, or next to a squad member.

Battlefield 4 Team Deathmatch tips

Team Deathmatch in Battlefield 4 is similar to regular deathmatch, the only real difference is that players are grouped together in teams. The focus is still largely on individual player skill, as the ability to get kills is the most important thing. Knowing the map, and its pathways and chokepoints is very important in Deathmatch, especially since enemies spawn randomly around the map.

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  1. Jaeger
    June 11th, 2014 at 6:44 am

    Fantastist gamemode for beginners!

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