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Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy


Battlefield 4 VDV BuggyThe Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy is a fast moving off-road transport vehicle used by the Russian forces in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. The VDV Buggy seats 3 and is the Russian counterpart to the American DPV. The Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy is armed with a heavy .50 cal machine gun and is one of the fastest land vehicles in the game.

The VDV Buggy was first featured in the Battlefield series in BF3. The vehicle has been in service with the Russian Airborne Troops, and is designed to be light and strong enough to be dropped out of planes and helicopters. It has been in service since 2009. It is very similar to the Growler ITV.

Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy stats

The VDV Buggy in Battlefield 4 is very similar in specs to the US DPV. Both seat 3 soldiers, are just as fast, and are armed with a heavy machine gun.

  • Top speed: 120 km/h
  • Driver weapons: none
  • Passenger weapons: 1X .50 cal machine gun
  • Seats: 3

Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy tips

The Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy features little to no protection against its occupants, making it only suited for transport and flaking missions. The .50 cal machine gun is only effective against enemy infantry. For heavier transport vehicle, the Vodnik is a much better alternative.

Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy unlocks

Like other transport vehicles, the VDV Buggy in Battlefield 4 does not feature any unlocks, although they may be added in the future.

VDV Buggy in real life:
Battlefield 4 VDV Buggy real life

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