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Battlefield 4 Vertical Grip


Battlefield 4 vertical gripThe Battlefield 4 Vertical Grip attachment can be added to most weapons, including assault rifles, carbines, and SMGs. The vertical grip in Battlefield 4 is one of many grips available. It increases accuracy when firing while moving (walking / running). It’s very similar in function to the Ergo Grip.

Battlefield 4 Vertical Grip info

Battlefield 4 vertical grip renderThe Battlefield 4 vertical grip was previously available in BF3, where it was a general grip. This time, it’s only one of many grips that can be applied to weapons.

The advantage of the vertical grip is that it reduces the accuracy penalty when firing while walking and running. However, this does not mean that the accuracy will be the same when the player is static — the vertical grip only makes it slightly more accurate when on the move.

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